Disassembling an Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens.

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Disassembling an Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens.

May I share some photos of an OM 45mm 1.8 lens at various stages of disassembly?

This is intended to help any one who wishes to open such a lens at their own risk.

It is quite straight forward to open the back of the lens.

The front name plate is held by strong double sided tape . On hind sight warming it with a hair dryer may have made the task of removing it a bit easier.

DO NOT remove the 3 screws (white arrows) unless you have a means & the skill  to measure the thickness of the shims because these seems to be used to tilt the lens assembly ever so slightly to fine tune the overall sharpness of the image.

Apart from recording the thickness of the shims & recording their positions, the orientation of the lens it self should be marked & recorded.

The last photo shows I had to trim off the retaining lip of the plastic lens mount to gain access to the haze (turned out to be condensation ) to clean it off.

The lens was bought as a 'write off'..... Yes, luckily , it all worked out OK .

Lift up black tabs before withdrawing contact strips

View showing focusing lens element

Ring held by very strong double sided sticky tape, heat may help to loosen the grip

It is vital that the lens orientation & shim positions & values are note to ensure the lens form a sharp image afterwards

Only do this as a last resort.

Flat view
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