What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

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Re: What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

I've spent about 1-2 hours surfing light manufacturers, and a lot of time on Broncolor.

There is no comparison (literally, not figuratively) between White lightning and Broncolor, because spec sheets don't exist with comparable figures.

White lightning measures in watt seconds to measure power, Broncolor measures in Joules.

White Lightning has a cycle time of 2 seconds with 110 or 120V power, and Broncolor is 230V and 0.07 – 1.9 s. 1.9 seconds isn't groundbreaking speed, but after watching a video a power pack (which I would have thought to be an outdoor power pack battery) allows up to 50 shots per second. These power packs go from $10K and up. I could spend $700 on a cheap strobe, or $1500 on the better ones and not be concerned with the price. I'd love to shoot at the speed of the model, and my autofocus, but if it's an extra $10-15K on top of the strobe lights, I'm sticking with PCB for now.

I'm not getting a huge noticeable color shift, or my eye isn't good enough to detect the minor variations. Maybe I lucked out buying white lightning instead of alien bees.

I do get an occasional under-lit photo from rapid firing instead of waiting, and that does bother me. If buying a few new strobes would cut the time significantly, I'd happily buy them. Yet that very expensive powerpack required for very fast shooting means I'll be waiting longer, and deleting mistakes. Overall, I'm not seeing variances from shot to shot that some people see with budget lighting. I'm not saying my WL is excellent, but if it's there I don't see it, and it's not a distraction.

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