Telephoto help (again)

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Telephoto help (again)


Quite a few months ago I put up a thread discussing different telephoto options for my D7000. I currently use a 55-200 and was thinking about a longer zoom lens at the time, as I'm very interested in wildlife/bird photography. Now I am in the position to buy a lens, and it would be great to hear your thoughts, please!

The lenses that I talked about in the post mentioned above was the 150-600 Tamron/Sigma, 200-500 and 80-400 Nikon's. However, even on the used market these lenses are quite expensive.

What I have been thinking of lately is:

  • Tamron 100-400
  • Sigma 100-400
  • Nikon 300 f4D AFS + TC1.4

There are also many older Sigma lenses and your thoughts on these would be great:
- 50-500, 150-500, 120-400.

I am currently leaning towards the Tamron 100-400 or Nikon 300. I've also seen a Sigma 150-600 at a good price, so I am still considering that range as well. I have (based on some background reading) read how the Tamron is better built (fully weather sealed), has good IQ and has better AF performance. Do you guys agree with this? BTW, any wildlife pics from the lenses above would be great!


1) Firstly, would I be better off with a 400mm ish lens on my crop sensor body? Is it worth saving up more and going for a 500/600mm lens? The heaviest I'm used to is a 730g ish lens, so the 100-400s should be fine. The longer zooms however are closer to 2kg, so that would be quite new to me. Plus, I travel abroad quite frequently so a smaller and lighter package would be great.

2) Is the lack of VR on the 300 f4D a major issue for BIF/Wildlife photography? What TCs work best with that lens apart from the TC1.4i/ii?

3) Would it be better to go for a zoom or a prime? The Nikon would be a 300 f4 or a 420 f5.6, so its got slightly better reach but no zoom.

4) Is Nikon's 80-400 worth it over the Tamron/ Sigma 100-400?

Sorry for the long post, I generally like to put all my thoughts down. Thank you for your time for reading this and helping me out! These forums have been of great help.

Nikon D7000
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