Mac/iOS raw (.orf) support with new Olympus cameras

Started Nov 23, 2019 | Discussions thread
grcolts Veteran Member • Posts: 3,517
Re: Mac/iOS raw (.orf) support with new Olympus cameras

marrlin wrote:

Raw files from the em-5 markii are handled in Mac photos app just fine.

Raw file from the em-5 mark iii are not. Just show up as blank images with no metadata. Hope apple adds support soon.

Using Luminar 4 currently as a workaround.

I gave up trying to process RAW files from my Olympus and Panasonic camera with Apple's Photos software.  Right now I am using either darktable, Affinity Photo or Aftershot Pro3 for RAW processing. RAW files using Photos would be sluggish and then lock up my Mac.

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