Grand Canyon- Proper Sunset exposure with Graduated ND Filter

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Re: Grand Canyon- Proper Sunset exposure with Graduated ND Filter

You seemed to have acquired quite the collection of filters for being somewhat unfamiliar with the basics. Not intended as a criticism.

As Mike Finley above me mentioned there is a sunset every day from now until your trip to the CG. Practice now with and without those filters so when you get the to the GC you know what to do ; a good sunset that light can change fast there is no time to learn on the fly.

Be careful with grad filters if anything from the land is sticking into the sky portion as the grad will also darken it. Trees at the CG immediately come to mind. Result will look quite unnatural and you may not be able to fix that in post. That is why I don't own or use grad filters and prefer to bracket and manually blend exposures in post.

Polarizer likely useless if shooting into the sun.

ND filters can provide long exposures which for a static subject like the grand canyon will only be beneficial if the clouds are moving ; otherwise it just makes it longer without any benefit and the possible negative of any tree, bush, etc... movement that could happen.

My advise for the GC visit itself. Don't just stay on the rim, even if you don't hike long make sure you take the time to go down the trails for different (often better) views and always less crowds. The trails are well maintained and very safe, only danger is over doing it as however far you go down, you have to come back up.

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