What defines that "3D Pop"

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What defines that "3D Pop"

This is a very old topic i fin myself wondering quite often. What creates that 3D pop we see in some of our favorite images?

Some argue its the sensor, Full Frame Cameras with their might DoF and color rendition may have a natural advantage.

Is it the lighting conditions? The same image take at different times of the day can produce wildly different results. 3D pop requires shadows and light to intertwine in smooth way so often careful deliberation is needed.

Is it post-processing? Nowadays we can modify our images to a great degree. this means create light where there is none, and manipulate shadows for a deliberate effect.

Is it the composition? playing with layers in terrain, architecture or even portraiture will help the elements in the image stand out from the background.

Whatever it is, one thing we can all agree is the 3D pop is deliberate, and it takes work. Shoot purposefully and edit with an end result in mind.

What are your thoughts?

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