Help a novice: sharp or unsharp images? Should I return my X-T30?

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Re: Lens testing

giovirovi wrote:

Hi everybody.

Thank you for your help and for your kindness. I just went out to take a few pics to post here, to judge if the sharpness level is reasonable or not, since I am coming from smartphone and I really don't have a reasonable comparison. So, photos are made with a brand new X-T30 with a 35mm f2, also brand new.

Resolution is fine for the parts of each frame that is in focus. This lens gives sharper results at f/4 than at f/2 (see this review Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 R WR (Fujfilm) - Review / Test - Analysis (

Note what I say about "in focus" - a lens can focus at only one distance and everything nearer or further away is blurred to some degree. If the blur is only slight we still see things as "acceptably sharp"; this happens for a range of distances in front of and behind the plane where the lens is focused. The range is called the depth of field (DOF); it increases as the lens is stopped down - at f/2 it is quite shallow while at f/4 it gets deeper.

Your pictures are blurred in the background and foreground because these zones are outside the DOF; that is nothing to do with the sharpness of the lens.

Simulation is classic chrome if I am not wrong.

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