100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: 100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

rgwaller1 wrote:

As an owner of both the A9 and A7RIV plus the 100-400 GM, 200-600G and Sigma 100-400 DG E mount I may be able to help. After having a stroke that affected my right side I found that when using the 200-600 for my BIF's after a short time I was not keeping up with the birds and missed many shots because of the weight. I have pretty much put that lens out to pasture unless I will be doing mostly static subjects. Both the Sony and Sigma 100-400 are great lenses on either the A9 or A7RIV and I do not get as tired when shooting. I prefer the A7RIV over the A9 for being able to crop the shot more and have better resolution. The AF on the A7RIV is fast and accurate in my use. Another thing you may want to consider is using the E 70-350G in combination with the A7RIV ( 105-525mm and 26mp). I use this combo when wanting to go really light and its works great with sharp photos and fast AF. Just a thought.

First, wow, great images.

Next, as you have the Sigma 100-400 DG DN?  at 1,135gm.  That is already 260gm less than the Sony 100-400mm GM.  Less weight.

Thirdly, agreed the Sony 70-350mm APSC is light, but the OP wanted beyond 600mm, thus this is not suitable, as you have said, as a thought.  I also have this thought and bought it when launch, it is excellent in sharpness and OSS, now I added the Tamron 70-300mm FE, wow, at 545gm, you cannot beat this in FF for travel light.  But also as a thought as OP wanted 600mm and beyond.

My recommendation will be A7R4 + Sigma 100-400 DG DN.

Cuts 260gm off the setup which is 12.6% off (A7R4 + GM 100-400mm).

FL - FF - 400, APSC - 600mm.  But no TC for future need.


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