Nikon Z6 war photography

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Re: Nikon Z6 war photography

One of few articles on NR that caught my eye. Good, varied photos with lots of pressence through picking such fairly wide angle lenses for an environment the layman would probably wish to get some distance to the subjects.

I particuarly like the photo of the Kurd with the PKP/PKM. Simple, but has a lot of humanity to it despite the conflict setting.

And in a way I agree with Olyflyer in that mostly any camera can do war reportage photos. But it's such an oddly dismissing remark for a tech-oriented forum. Sure, you can use almost any old camera to shoot virtually any other genre. A photographer shooting with such intimacy in a warzone puts a lot of stress and reliance on the gear which I think is a great nod to the functionality and performance of the Nikon Z-system.

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