Easy to use software to merge foreground with tracked milky way?

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Re: Easy to use software to merge foreground with tracked milky way?

nighthiker wrote:

allematic wrote:

nighthiker wrote:


Mmmmmh, the image example from Luminar is looking total realistic to me and absolutely no Kitsch ... or so

Because they chose a daytime foreground which is irrelevant to my goal. I'm looking to merge separately shot foreground and sky of the exact same scene.

It's OK allematic. I believe that you will use it for a realistic picture (background and foreground from the same location within a short time interval). I worry that we already have many Beth Moon's out there (https://petapixel.com/2019/05/07/this-milky-way-photo-on-nat-geo-is-raising-eyebrows/).

I would also put some other points of the Luminar picture into question: The horizon line is relatively simple with only a small tree on the left side. Trees with branches are a complex issue. On all of my pictures I have a transition along the horizon with light pollution and haze/clouds. This abrupt change from the foreground to a perfect MW is pretty unrealistic. I also have to fight against light pollution on the whole image, often very irregular with several gradients. PixInsight has a nice gradient removal tool, but that isn't cheap ...

I have my doubts that you will get happy with Luminar as the problems I have with merging background and foreground are complex, but give it a try if you think that it works and come back later with your experience. I'm always happy to learn new stuff and will change my opinion if the is strong evidence that I'm wrong

Agreed. Better to get PS, learn how to lum mask and then all scenes become possible to blend with time and effort. There is an easy way and a hard way in life, the easy way can cause problems down the line. Lum masking and select and mask workflow are the ways to have control in making an accurate mask. Even with all that control we still need to do manual work from time to time I find, esp at night.

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