Is the 90D for me?

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Is the 90D for me?

Hi everyone I'm in the market for a new camera to replace my 760D, which I suspect is probably on it's last legs. Added to this I always like to have 2 cameras when travelling for wildlife photography. Whilst I was trying to hold out until the R7 came out it looks like that won't be in time for my next trip.

My main interests are wildlife photography (large mammals on safari rather than BIF) and landscape photography. I do sometimes find myself cropping my pictures, especially in landscape so more MP to play with would be useful. See below for lenses.

I've been toying with the idea of the 90D for about a year now and specs wise I've no doubt it will blow the 760 out the water:

  • 32MP vs 24
  • 45 focus points vs 19
  • better autofocus, especially in low light

However I keep coming across posts where people have issues that put me off. Added to that people still seem to rate the 7d ii as a better camera.

The main issues seems to be:

Issues with focusing - Is this still an issue or has it widely been fixed? I understand that you need to turn off the autodetect function too. But this does seem to be a big issue especially with some older lenses.

Sensor out resolving lenses - Older lenses are producing soft images. Hopefully my lenses are "new" enough, but I was looking at the 70-300 L lens to add to my collection too.

Shutter speed - Issues seem to focus around needing to use much higher shutter speeds with the 90D to get the sharper shots.

High ISO Performance - I've read some reviews which seem to state that the ISO performance is a real issue above 800.

Are the issues above actually issues that people struggle with or is it down to people being very picky? I understand a lot of people compare the differences between the 7d ii and 90D. As I'm coming from the 760D I would imagine that these comparisons won't be overly relevant.

Any thoughts and opinions welcome

The other option is to save some money for now and stop gap with either a 77D, 80D or 7d ii and then wait for this mysterious R7.

The aim at some point is also to buy a FF camera - again awaiting the canon road maps for these.

Current Lenses:

  • Tamron 70-300 di vc
  • Sigma 150-600
  • Canon 15-85
  • Tamron 10-24 HLD
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