gimbal suggestions for SONY A9 or Nikon D850

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Re: gimbal suggestions for SONY A9 or Nikon D850

ContaxRTSII wrote:

I'm totally new in video (well, I did at camcorder era) and thinking of entering the video world for my occasional travel recording.

Most likely, I will use SONY A9 for video work but I might sometimes putting D850 + 35/50 prime on it.


1. What gimbal can support both cameras with lens (50/35 prime or a 16-35 zoom) with excellent performance? What other software/hardware do I need to get into it?

2. Though I'm an occasional user, I am willing to invest at better stuff if it makes a big difference and the innovation of this technology is not too fast. Size and weight is a concern to me...

3, Any tutorial is recommended to start with?

Thanks for sharing!!

Our experience  with various gimbals,  including crane,  Mozza and dji,  has been mixed,  but in the end we are pretty sold on the dji solutions as being the most robust and sound..

dji have built a eco system around the gimbals,  in particular around the rs2 which allows for far greater flexibility and control,  which makes the gimbal much more useable across various tasks...  so for instance it’s easy to car mount and remote control.. it’s easy to put on a jib...

all of which is of course beyond your needs...  but worth bearing in mind.

we also use currently a couple of the the ronin sc’s and they are good reliable products,  and which I would recomend for simpler use.

the key for easy travel use is going to be weight,  so know how much your gear weighs,  and match the gimbal to that,  don’t be tempted to go to a heavyweight solution if you don’t need it to carry the camera...

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