Fuji should consider a 4:3 multi-aspect sensor?

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Fuji should consider a 4:3 multi-aspect sensor?

It is incredible they haven't attempted this already, it would be a really strategic move imo and probably grab a large market share from m43 and FF in the process.

The original pen-f film size was half 35mm frame, ie 24x18, this allowed the frame to be compact, how m43 ended up with 17x13 I have no idea.

Now if we take aps-c 23.5x15.6 you can see that the image circle of existing aps-c would probably support or close to a multi-aspect approach using the 24x18 half frame

Using the 24x18 sensor size should provide some scope for enhancing the 16:9 or narrower width's too for video

But really interesting would be the existing lenses would all take advantage of the extra area in 4;3 ratio and in 16:9 too.

For info, blackmagic now uses a new CFA, not bayer, and offers 12k resolution on basically an aps-c sensor size, S35, 27x14mm.

For info, area size

24x18 = 432mm half of FF!

aspc- = 366mm

m43 = 226mm

The multi-aspect would have little to any downsides and offer a true 4:3 experience on existing Fuji lenses, with similar crop factor but maximised for the 4:3 ratio, basically a compact GFX system, seems good to me.

Olympus PEN-F
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