Focussing on faces in groups

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Re: Focussing on faces in groups

LuxShots wrote:

The-Boogie-Knight wrote:

AlejandroI wrote:

Sadly not, we dont have face priority.

The only option is to use, 1 area focus with face detect enabled and position the box over the desired face. The sony smokes pana in this regards...

Would be very useful if we could have some kind of face priority, or if the camera would lock on the face in the center and than stick to it, so we could recompose.

Definitely. I love the S bodies but I do wonder sometimes if the photography functionality was designed by photographers. Similar with Aperture Priority. Not only can you not see the effects of aperture (this was fixed on the S5), but the dial that was mapped to shutter speed now does nothing and you're forced to go into menus or waste a function button to set minimum shutter speed...

If you want to control Aperture and Shutter Speed, you should consider shooting in Manual mode with Auto-ISO. This gives you the best of both worlds, letting you control your DOF with the aperture and control the ability to stop motion with shutter speed controls, while you let the ISO ride to give you the correct exposure. I was primarily an aperture priority shooter, but the demands of wedding photography has forced me to Manual/Auto-ISO, and my imagery quality has increased for the better!

Ah well it's funny you say that as I am a manual shooter but during lockdown the past few weeks I thought I'd investigate AP to see if it could speed up my workflow at events!

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