seeking advice: 85f1.8 or 28-70f2.8?

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Re: seeking advice: 85f1.8 or 28-70f2.8?

I don't think there is a lens made that is razor sharp wide open at the edges?

Question; how often will you shoot wide open, and does anything outside the center matter?

The zoom will manifest diff characteristics at dif focal lengths and dif F-stops!

Even, to a certain extent, there will be some copy-to-copy variation.

I'm not advocating the pursuit of perfection.  Roger C. from lensrentals is highly instructive here, deeming the search for perfect copy of a lens = "a fool's errand".  It is also a HUGE dis-service to the retailer (& ultimately the rest of us) to try, and return, multiple copies of a lens.  As long as it works (AF&MF) and is not conspicuously de-centered, I will buy a used lens, and keep new ones!

So we are back to the inevitable maxim that every lens is a compromise, even if the downside is only size and price.

I wrote recently about the Tamron 35f1.4, which supposedly is w/out compromise in IQ and most other qualities.  I bought it because they are not expensive.  In fact it was almost $100 chaeaper than having the 35f2 shipped from the US.  [I had already bought MC21 to adapt canon lenses to my S5].  What was a compromise was the size & weight - almost 3x heavier (w/ mc21) than Sigma 35f2!

Ironically, I can see no dif in my Hi-rez shots (zoomed in) between the two lenses

Go figure.

{perhaps i got a stellar copy of the sigma and a poor copy of the Tamron?}

But I am not convinced there are remarkable differences between 90% copies of the same lens.  I say this because I don't believe, out of the 150 odd lenses I've owned, I've ever had a  really dodgy one.

Furthermore, when you read many reviews of a given lens, they tend to be rather consistent.

Only Roger test multiple copies of the same lens (10).  He has often graphed the range of MFT variation in his individual tests.

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