Bitrate translated to MB/s

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Bitrate translated to MB/s

A good rule of thumb is to divide bits by 10 to get bytes. The actual conversion is 8, but with overhead used by various protocols, metadata, etc. and the much easier division, it's a pretty decent rule of thumb.  If dividing by 10 vs dividing by 8 means you end up overflowing a memory card, then you're probably not leaving enough margin for error, IMHO.

So, 24Mbit/sec ~= 2.4MByte/sec.

If it's the same as inet speed 24Mbit should be 3 MB/s vs 2.1 for 17M
So 1GB gives me 5.5min vs 7.9min of record time. Is that right?

Yep, that's right.

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