Any Ricoh EU rep in this forum?

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Re: Any Ricoh EU rep in this forum?

Jambavan wrote:

I'm looking for help. On January 4, 2021 I took my three weeks old GR III back to the store for warranty repairs. It had a "red corner" problem, and it was making weird noises when making small movements. It's been 7 weeks now, I still don't have my camera back, and I have no clue how much longer it might take. The store answered a while back that it was sent to Ricoh France, and from there it was sent to Ricoh Germany. But they still haven't responded to my latest e-mail.

I find it unacceptable that this repair has already taken 7 weeks, and that I have no clue about how much longer it might take... Is there any Ricoh EU rep in this forum that I could pm about this issue?

I am from EU and had my moment with that service center in Germany. I received my camera with big oil fingerprint on lens and some particles around. There is no way of knowing what is going on because if you email service directly then you will get reply that you are not the customer here and so service in France has to make an inquiry to service in Germany. Service in Germany doesn't provide any details if they confirm reported faults or if they fixed it, they just inform what they replaced in the camera and that's it.

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