7Artisans 18 mm f/6.3 UFO lens / Fun, and better than expected

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7Artisans 18 mm f/6.3 UFO lens / Fun, and better than expected

Dear forum community

I became aware of this lens through nzcarl70's thread, X-T30 and 7Artisans 18mm f6.3 UFO lens sample.


I found 80 € a bit much, so I ordered it with Ali Express, paid only 52 €, and accepted a few weeks delivery time.

This is not a "real" lens, it is a lens cap. It protrudes about 9 mm from the body. Its weight is 49.5 g.

The lens is fully manual. It has no focus and no aperture control. All the color markings on it have no function. fl is 18 mm, aperture is fix at f/6.3. Some hyperfocal distance setting has probably been chosen.

It comes w/ a rear cap but w/o a front cap. It ships with a little bag.

This is how it looks on my X-T20:

7Artisans 18 mm f/6.3 UFO on X-T20

7Artisans 18 mm f/6.3 UFO on X-T20

My rating

I have to say I am impressed. It's of course a matter of expectation and benchmarking. My expectation was not huge. I would not compare this cap lens with a "real" lens. The 4 stars are a relative rating.

In the center, resolution is astonishingly good! Sharpness significantly falls off towards the corners. There is vignetting.

I plan to occasionally use this lens as a special form of photographic art. For me it is kind of a contemplation. It will of course not replace any of my lenses. It's a nice toy in addition.

  • You don't need to care - just set an ISO limit, put ss on auto, take your camera and fire. It's relieving! You don't even need to look through the viewfinder. Hold the camera and press the button!
  • Use ES and you can be really unobtrusive. No-one will take you seriously. You may want to hide the colorful markings with a black tape or black paper.
  • You can take your camera to places you otherwise wouldn't - I bought a super small Crumpler Triple A 200 camera pouch to carry the camera with the lens. You can put your camera into a Tupperware box and take it on a boat trip.

Real life example shot

"Red nails", 7Artisans 18 mm f/6.3 UFO on X-T20

Test photo

I compared the UFO lens with my XF 18-55 mm at 18 mm.

raws were processed with darktable, identical procedure, lens correction was switched off for the Fujinon. For the 7Artisans there is no correction profile offered.

I recognized that the camera always chose a tad longer ss with the 7Artisans lens.

Crops are displayed with keepcoding's tool.

7Artisans 18 mm f/6.3 UFO on X-T20, tripod, ES, cable release, darktable

For comparison: XF 18-55 mm, 18 mm, f/6.4 on X-T20, tripod, ES, OIS off, cable release, darktable, lens correction off

Crop: center region. Left: 7Artisans, right: XF 18-55 mm. IQ in the center is surprisingly good!

Crop: more to the edges. Left: 7Artisans, right: XF 18-55 mm. See how resolution falls off to the edges. See the vignetting.

Crop: more to the edges, and foreground. Left: 7Artisans, right: XF 18-55 mm. Resolution falls off. There is vignetting.



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