7Artisans 7.mm f/2.8 fish-eye: an under-appreciated little gem?

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7Artisans 7.mm f/2.8 fish-eye: an under-appreciated little gem?

When I bought the 7Artisans 35mm f/0.95 I decided to get the 7.mm fish-eye as well, for around $100. I was curious to try a lens like that, it is wider than the Samyang fish-eye, and cheaper too.

It's not a lens that I hear a lot about but I really enjoy shooting with it. It's fun.

Not always practical of course. And sometimes it's really just goofy fun. But sometimes I get really beautiful photos with it.

Because he was moving I had a bit of trouble focusing properly, also in the low light I shot wide open so it's not sharp across the frame. Still, I like the fish-eye distortion effect that brings the guitar into the front.

A bit of fun, a goofy photo of the cat.

And a wide angle view of the local shopping centre.

Here some landscape images that I really like, and where I feel the fish-eye effect is well controlled to avoid the most obvious distortion:

My favourite of the bunch. I got the horizon almost straight, and if you don't know the environment you wouldn't know that the foreground is distorted.

Another shot where you hardly realise it's shot with a fish-eye lens.

The fish-eye effect kind of hidden by a natural corner of the land, though not completely.

Fogbow. Straight horizon, the lines in the foreground aren't entirely clear but there's a slope - it could be natural. The fish-eye effect is not very obvious (I think). The worst thing about this photo is perhaps my shadow...

What do you all think?

Anyone who perhaps has any of their own photos to share made with this lens?

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