100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: Don't dismiss APSC on the A9 without seeing this video.

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Mark Galer explains.

Shame on you! Do you know how many times I got bashed HARD when I mentioned a9 and APSC in the same sentence in the Sony forums? It’s a big can of worms, and people are very passionate (almost crazy like) about the subject. The interesting thing is that I do pay a bit more attention because I know there are less rooms for crop when I shoot in APSC.

Not sure about the can of worms but the shot of the White Fronted Goose below was shot on the A9 in APSC mode with the 200-600 G lens and 1.4x converter.

Don't worry about those worms - do your own thing.

What benefits do you get by using A9 in APS-C mode vs cropping it in PP?

I find that I can focus more accurately when in APSC mode. The goose shot above was posted to show the OP what the A9 can do in crop mode with a moving subject, and a  long lens at full reach plus the 1.4x extender. The wide tracking mode used here may well have been just as accurate at full frame.

Where shooting in crop mode can pay dividends is with small birds and in certain situations. The Bearded tit shot below for example. It was perched for no more than a few seconds and the small tracking spot I was using needed to be placed quickly and accurately. For this reason I routinely stay in crop mode if I know the subject will likely be small in the viewfinder. I have custom button C4 set to toggle between crop and full frame and can press this with my right thumb while keeping my eye to the viewfinder in the event a larger subject shows up. A Bittern for example in this case.

It all comes down to what works best for you.

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