Film Photo Walk - Chicago - Sat, Apr. 3, 2021

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Film Photo Walk - Chicago - Sat, Apr. 3, 2021

I'm posting this one with enough notice that people can plan for it.

We'll start at 2 PM, so we can have an opportunity for evening shots. We'll meet & greet for maybe 30 minutes, (more if there are more than 5 attendees) then we'll walk around, do some street, architectural and even just tourist photography. We'll see about stopping in a pub for drinks or dinner later. It'll depend on folks' comfort level and where COVID policies are at that time. Last time, I brought a flask of whiskey in my camera bag

I don't want to post the exact location here publicly. (don't want to make us a mugging target concerns) If you're firmly committed, let me know by PM and I'll send you the details. Chicago is a big city, so for your planning purposes, I'll just say that the meet-up location is within a mile blocks of Union Station, and that it's not The Loop or lakefront.

The poll below is for whether you'll attend or not. If you post 'yes', please put it in your calendar and make it firm, so that I can plan accordingly. (for example, if we go in a restaurant)

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Yes, I'll attend
8.3% 1  vote
No, I won't make it
0.0% 0  votes
I'm not geographically close enough to reasonably consider attending (but thanks anyway!)
91.7% 11  votes
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