G5X original vs G7X family & G3X

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G5X original vs G7X family & G3X

I`ve had enough of my old RX100 (Mk1) falling to bits (having to take it apart to reconnect dodgy connections) and the lens being both slow and soft at the long end , also no EVF . but its done well - I had a G1X Mk1 8 years up til its demise last year but Prior to the RX100 I had an S90 and before that a whole boatload of Canon G, S series & Ixus compacts going back to the end ot the 90s so re-looking at the 1" sensor models ..

I know 1; - the G5X "Mk1" and the G7X family share the same lens, and its caveats (poor at the wide end, gets better as you zoom and all that) , 2:- that the 1st gen models are a bit sluggish , the G7X Mk1 seemed less responsive than my ancient G1X at the time anyway 3:- I know the G5X Mk2 is where its at but I hated the pop up EVF on the RX100 MK3 I briefly had and sold (and dug the tatty Mk1 out of the drawer again) and the MK2 is very expensive and lacks the M series Ergos and grip of the Mk1 ..

So How does the G5X original stack up against the G7X family as far as responsiveness overall is concerned (Hopefully quicker than the G7X orig at launch) , I`m not after continuous tracking or anything but a cam which is like molasses shot to shot drives me nuts .. same , how about the G3X .. I Know the sensor from the Sonys, I shoot RAW exclusively and use capture one . the Orig G5X is attractive as it has a fixed EVF, EOS-M5 ergos and is only a lump on top bigger than an RX100


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