Focussing on faces in groups

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Re: What you tried Face Detect Autofocus?

LuxShots wrote:

The-Boogie-Knight wrote:

LuxShots wrote:

This should track the face and keep that face after you recompose. You may have to make sure you don't have a different priority focus point if you recompose from portrait to landscape registered, or this may cause the focus point to shift.

Cheers. If I set a big area it works, but then I have to cycle through the faces as that area covers them all. If I set a small area, it locks on but stops doing so as soon as the face leaves that area I've set (even if I'm in C-AF). It works in just Face/Eye, but then I have the problem of picking the face from the group.

Another thing you can do is use the tracking feature. Unfortunately, it's not as reliable as face detect.

I've never really tried the tracking to be honest. I had a play with it when I first got the camera and again yesterday after reading your post but it does seem very hit-and-miss.

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