Have Digital Microscope - How to download to computer?

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Re: Have Digital Microscope - How to download to computer?

NickZ2016 wrote:

Chas Tennis wrote:

I had connected the microscope to my PC (Windows 10) and no screens appeared.

Was it turned on? Do you have other USB ports on the computer? How long did you wait? New USB devices sometimes need to be configured.

Did you open file explorer?

Did the computer complain about an unknown device?

You said it's charged via USB. Did you see it charging? I assume you used a powered USB port.

There are instructions to connect the USB to the microscope when unpowered and the microscope will power up, it does, and then the PC screen will appear, it does not.

Answer to my question on *...zon

"Video is recorded on the SD memory card, easiest is to read that card on your computer. Microscope modes (models vary..) Upon applying power via USB cable, the microscope will power on, and it present a screen where you can select what mode to start operating in: (1) Mass Storage - this will allow access to the pictures and videos captured on the SD card; (2) PC Camera - this will see the microscope as a PC Camera that can be accesses via applications on the PC; (3) REC_mode - DEFAULT that's the standard operating mode of the microscope, which will allow image and video capturing on the SD card."

I have not opened File Explorer.

The computer with Windows 10 has never responded to the microscope.

The microscope is charging as an icon with an electric plug appears.

I have asked about micro SD cards being physically stuck. There are several replies with stuck cards and getting them out.

I ordered the card with the microscope.   It's stuck and I have my picture for now.

Chas Tennis

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