2- 600WS Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL Battery-Powered monolights

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2- 600WS Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL Battery-Powered monolights

I am willing to sell these excellent lights at a very low price.

These are large, powerful and sturdy, lightly used monolights, actually made by the Chinese company JinBei, the largest studio lighting maker in China, who makes a lot of store branded lighting for many companies like Adorama and Westcott, among others. These two powerful battery operated 600WS Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL monolights have been branded and sold by Adorama under their "house" label of Orlit.

They are each in perfect working order with the latest firmware. They are a true 600 watt seconds each and are set for Canon brand TTL and manual flash. They work in auto TTL in two different modes: one is with each other, along with all other Canon brand RT flash gear and Canon RT capable cameras, and in the other second auto TTL operating mode, they only communicate with each other along with Canon RT capable cameras. They also work in manual mode. Along with these, I am including the TR-Q6 RT radio trigger that works for both monolights, with good capabilities to control each light (and others) to set different exposure levels, groups and lighting ratios.

These both come with individual carrying cases and AC chargers, plus a shallow umbrella reflector and a protective flash tube cover for safe transport. Both Lithium Ion batteries run fine, up to very close to their original specified capacity, which is maybe 10% less than their original 450 full power flashes per charge capacity and give an awful lot more more than that in TTL modes. The batteries are interchangeable and still sold, as of now, new for replacement. Also available, but not included here, are available AC adapters for hard studio use, as well as user replaceable flash tubes and other accessories. As you can tell by the earlier description they can operate in Canon's HSS mode for working in bright sunlight at faster shutter speeds.

Warning: I only recommend these lights for those of you who use Canon's recent DSLR's that are RT capable like the 5D3, 5D4 and 1Dx and 1Dx2. I'm not sure about how these work with any others, because I have had no direct personal experience with any other Canon cameras and these flashes. Most importantly, they don't now seem to work properly with my EOS R or my EOS R5, so, unless and until firmware updates are released for these to do so, I would not now recommend getting these if you are using only Canon full frame mirrorless cameras, but it is possible that at some future date and firmware update, they will work properly on those cameras as well. On the other hand, I am selling these units at a very inexpensive price, so that may make up for the issue, if you are so inclined.

These lights and everything that goes with them are in excellent condition. Because they are currently not usable in TTL mode with recent Canon full frame mirrorless cameras, I am selling these at a very low price. $200.00 for both. You pay shipping and for any insurance you wish to cover the shipment to anywhere in the U.S. as well. Payment by Pay Pal, or by credit card, since I am a professional who has a card processing account.

Please see https://www.adorama.com/orlfrt610q6n.html for pictures and more information on these lights when new.

Please contact me here if you are interested.

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