How the X100F brought me to Fuji and sold my beloved Sony A7iii

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How the X100F brought me to Fuji and sold my beloved Sony A7iii

I am new to the Fujifilm having recently sold my Sony A7iii and the amazing lens that I used to own.

So this is what I used to have. (The perfect 3 fixed for me on Sony)

1. Zeiss Batis 25mm F2

2. Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T

3. Zeiss Batis 85mm F1.8

I almost always prefer fast fixed lens for their amazing clarity and usability in low light conditions. While I was very happy with all of these lens, I also wanted to have a camera that was small that I could always take with me.

After reading some favorable reviews I was considering between a Sony Point and Shoot and the new FUJIFILM X100F. But once I actually saw the X100F there was no contest. Such a beautiful camera and the Film Simulations offered a new level image processing that very much inspired me.

Using the X100F was a joyful experience and the ability to reduce image processing for some use cases and still get quality results was fantastic.

Then I decided to move towards more video projects and to get more camera bodies so that I could put fixed length lens of different lengths on each body. This would allow me to shoot quickly with the various lens with less delay. Obviously for video having more than one camera body is a huge benefit as well.

At first I had assumed I would stick with Sony because for video they have many things going for them such as unlimited shoot time and better focusing in particular. Also, as near perfect as the X100F is for still imaging, many people consider that it is not very good for video so I wasn't really looking in that direction.

Here's the problem for me, carrying around 3 Sony bodies with my perfect 3 would be insanely heavy and bulky and I know it would discourage me because of those facts. I begin to wish "If only I could have a camera like the X100F and the Sony A7iii and one in between with my perfect 3 to carry around. Wouldn't that be amazing.

SO...I took a look at the latest from Fuji and discovered an impressive update to my X100F in the form of the X100V. But then I learned that they also have a new FUJIFILM X camera X-E4 that is about the same size as weight as the X100V with their new XF 27mm f/2.8 R WR pancake Lens. That sounded perfect as my everywhere camera that could also utilize any lens in my Fujifilm X collection if need be. So then I looked to see what would replace my larger Sony and was equally impressed by the X-T4. After some research, many folks compared the 2 cameras as in some ways comparable even though the Sony has a full sensor and the Fujifilm does not.

Now I saw a path with 2 of the 3 bodies I wanted but did Fujifilm really have the one in the middle that I envisioned? Enter the Fujifilm X-S10. As I get older and a bit shaker with my hand held shoots, I wanted a compact camera which had image stabilization while still being smaller. Yes the X-S10 has 5-axis image stabilization and is a joy to use. With the amazing XF 50mm F2 R WR lens you have a compact, high quality rig that really shines.

I was also blown away by the many bargains in the FUJIFILM lens lineup. Since I am expanding the range from my Sony perfect three I was happy to have so many options including $400 quality lens that would have cost $1,000 or more in the Sony world.  Here are three examples that grabbed me (I also purchased some more expensive ones but these are all fantastic)

Fujifilm XF 16mm F2.8 R WR

Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 R WR

Fujifilm XF 50mm F2 R WR

So now I have fully jumped into FUJIFILM and am learning to use Capture One as the Adobe options require preprocessing or over processing to avoid wormy artifacts because their algorithms were written for a different image sensor.  Yes I know you can now use "enhanced details" or run other preprocessing but all of this takes time and is less than ideal.

While I am still waiting for X-E4 and the updated pancake lens, I enjoy the other two cameras very much love that all three of these bodies have the latest Film Simulations which I modify to my liking and these can also now be done afterwards using the raw files.

In short, it is extremely enjoyable to shoot these cameras and I look forward to more projects in both film and video with this setup.  Any workflow tips using Capture One would be greatly appreciated.  I am also prepared to rebuild my file structure using Capture One and leave Adobe behind as it sounds like so many others have done.

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