X-T3 too much for a beginner?

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Bob Senior Member • Posts: 2,802
Re: X-T3 too much for a beginner?

How long do you plan on being a ‘beginner’? The Fuji X cameras are great.

That said, I currently own two Nikon DSLRs, a Fuji X-T10, and previously had a Canon, Sony, and Olympus.

I can’t really say that ANY decent camera is more suitable for a beginner than another.  Frankly - in my opinion, they’re all pretty much the same.

So the question is not whether an X-T3 is too much for a beginner.  The question is are you ready to step up from a smartphone or some auto point-n-shoot?  If the answer is yes, then  don’t obsess over which mirrorless or DSLR is “easier” to use.  They’re all the same.

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