The Smartest Camera In The Universe

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The Smartest Camera In The Universe

Is this a dream, probably, will I wake up soon, depends.

The smartest camera in the universe would allow me to take the pictures (or video) I want to take quickly, handheld (or monopod), Hmm, sounds simple enough.

Quick, there goes a hawk, diving down to pick up prey, capture it.

Quick, a pheasant walking on the trail, capture it.

Quick, you turned a corner in the trail and there's a bobcat, capture (don't run).

Quick, a large deer buck just entered the field or running, capture it.

I might have just enough time to press 2 buttons, one, set the camera settings and two, press the shutter.

With BIF it's getting focus in a wide field, Best focus system LV/VF, find the bird against a blur sky.

With stationary birds its pinpoint focus, defocused background, Best focus system LV/VF, change focus mode and aperture for DOF.

Most every type of situation requires different settings quickly.

Well that's my dream, I think I will wake up now.

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