What do you need to grow and improve?

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Re: What do you need to grow and improve?

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Just a very rough overview on the needs of Z system users here on dpr. Think about the pace of your photography. What do you need to maintain or improve it?

Too bad you can't multi-select multiple items.

For me, it's primarily experience. I need new subject matter, and perhaps to meet other people in the field of photography who can mentor. I don't really need new gear (although it would be nice, I realize that the gear I have is good for what I do/want to do and buying more gear won't necessarily improve my photography).

I mean I have a rather basic kit for now, and will be adding a few more lenses (like a long telephoto zoom for wildlife, a fast telephoto zoom like a 70-200 and perhaps the 50mm) but that will pretty much be it for me in terms of gear. I've had GAS in the past, but have realized how much money I "wasted" on gear I thought I needed, but didn't need or use in reality.

For me personally, it isn’t as much the wasted money (which is bad enough), but the obsessing over it due to my perfectionism.

This Bruce Lee quote sums it up perfectly:

‎”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Not all of it was wasted I guess, but do look back on at least a few lenses that I've purcahsed in the past, and ended up selling off because I never used them, and lost about 20%-25% of their original value in doing so (and in one situation, it was just a return, but still lost 15% for restocking purposes).  Luckily, for me, this has happened maybe 4 times so far and the rest of my buying/selling (some used) evened out, so I'm not in the hole that much  I guess when you factor in everything, but I am more careful about my purchases these days.  I usually rent the gear I intend to buy, first.

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