Some HDR Sunset Shots w the 120

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Some HDR Sunset Shots w the 120

I'm still in San Miguel de Allende Mexico and yesterday evening set up my GFX 100 with 120mm on my tripod on the roof of my friend's tall house and waited for the sun to set. I noticed the evening before that the mountains over 25 miles away were clearer than usual (they are usually in haze) and the sunset put off a brilliant orange glow that filled the horizon.

I shot a lot of HDR sequences of 8 shots starting at +2 EC and on down to -4. I shot each shot manually and just jumped one stop of EC on each shot 8 times. Then I blended them automatically in LR and produced 300 MB DNG files which I played with more.

I usually opened up my shadows all the way and dropped the highlights all the way even with the HDR already applied. I even painted some more exposure in with the brush in some of them on the foreground.

The main thing is the amazing DR of the GFX 100. It just goes on and on....

Here is my belief though. You don't need HDR. I think you can shoot a plain metered shot of the sunset and you have so much latitude in post you don't need HDR and don't need EC.

I liked my plain single shot raw files after developing in LR more than the HDR results in LR and PS. Yes, I tried several of the sequences in PS too. I thing LR did a better job than PS. But I'm no PS guru.

Anyway, here is a 300MB DNG file exported as full size 85% quality jpeg. It is an 8 shot HDR with the shots spread from from +2 to -4 EC.

8 shot HDR

Now here is one below that is only a single shot raw, but in LR I hit it hard and dropped the highlights all the way, lifted the shadows all the way, popped it with some clarity and used the brush to paint another stop of light in the middle foreground. Who needs HDR with the GFX 100? There was DR left to play with but I left some on the table and I hope it doesn't look over-processed. The pink building with the two white tents bottom left is the Rosewood Hotel - maybe the best hotel in Mexico. My friend's colonial mansion is above it on the hill.

Single shot raw.

Now check this one below out, I didn't know it till post, but here is one that I shot after the sun had sunk partially behind the 25 mile-away mountains, but look at the top of the screen. There are about 500 migrating Geese. Can we see it on the jpeg? You can on the raw, and you can see each goose when you zoom in. Maybe I brought that white church out too much. It was practically dark in that area. That is the Iglesia San Antonio....

Single shot raw - check out the Geese at the top!

Single shot raw. I did an 8 shot HDR but the result is no better than this single shot pulled from the middle of the sequence and hit hard in post.

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