A7 III Timelapses - wearing down mechanical shutter

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Re: A7 III Timelapses - wearing down mechanical shutter

I have contacted them but am still waiting for a reply. Also found some information on the net that with silent mode activated, the Sony does not support flash. I assume that means flash = hotshoe. So it is a structural limitation, too bad they are using the hotshoe connection instead of the other connection options.

Thanks for confirming other devices do not necessarily follow the same concept and it is rather normal to be able to use the silent mode. I agree, movement would probably only be required occassionally and the majority of shots are good enough without. And using the MSM every once in a while should then not make a too big impact.

What bothers me about it though is that aside from the wear, there is also sound and vibration. Not sure if the latter is really an issue, but the mechanical shutter sound on a lengthy time lapse would become annoying after a while. And I can imagine lots of situations where I do not want to attract too much attention.

Guess I'll need to experiment a bit to see how much I enjoy timelapses, but if I really get into it I might consider getting a dedicated device. Would have just been nice if the MSM had supported both functions 'properly', actually want to avoid getting even more gear.

btw: Those are some great timelapses in your youtube signature link!

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