100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: 100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

I recently tested the Fuji XT-4, and it doesn't hold a candle to the A7R IV in terms of AF and image quality. I picked up my A7R IV with the market selloff from the announcement of the A1. It cost me $2250 USD, and was in like new condition with barely any shutter counts on it. I also picked up a Sony A9 for $1800, thinking I would compare the 2 again (I've owned the A7R IV, A9, and A9 II before. However, the A9 of course has been delayed by weather and after using the A7R IV, I've made my decision to sell off the A9 without even taking it out for a shoot. Why? The resolution of the A7R IV has been great!

I actually decided to test out the Sigma 100-400mm for the Sony E, my camera store had an open box model at $680... it was extremely sharp with extremely quick focusing and I would have bought it, but our crazy sales tax rate my my lack of use for lens under 600mm convinced myself not to make yet another impulse purchase... If you are happy with 100-400mm and 600mm with the crop mode, I think the A7R IV with 100-400mm will be a great pairing. One thing's for sure, I won't be buying a 100-400mm GM lens anytime soon, it's not worth the extra money. (Your note is correct, the Teleconverter is not very conventional to use on the 100-400mm Sigma).

Just don't buy one new, you may as well pick up one as soon as hoards of them hit the market with the release of the A1. For the time being, I'm content as a wildlife photographer with my A7R IV. The only thing I'm missing is the Animal eye-AF, but I'm happier with my shots then I've ever been.

Now, if anyone still believes that the A9 suits you better, feel free to contact me - I'm selling! I'm sure it's better for sports... but that's not what I do.

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