16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

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Re: 16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

Beatsy wrote:

smiba wrote:...

Could you give me a comparison between the 4 shot and the 16 shot? As the piece in the middle (Is it a register?) may look a bit sharper on the 4 shot? But that might just be the downscaling of the 16-shot which makes it look a bit softer.

The 4-shot and single shot were upsampled to 240 megapixels before compositing.

This is very, uh, illuminating.

What was the resampling algorithm?

Did you try Adobe's Enhance Details on the unshifted raw?

There was no downsampling as that would have thrown away detail. This could make the single and 4-shot parts appear sharper, but the 16-shot bit is clearly *resolving* more.

Don't forget, we're pretty much up against diffraction limits at this resolution even at f/3.5 (< 2 micron effective pixel pitch) . I suspect that's the main cause of any softening you see here.

Sparrow distance for f/4 and 500 nm light is 2 um. 1 um sampling would provide a Q of 2. Q = 1 is probably reaching the point of diminishing returns, though. That's for the luminance component of a Bayer CFA sampler, with optimum reconstruction of a monochromatic subject.

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