100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: 100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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This could be a dumb idea, but I'd consider a used A9 (with the A1 out there should be a bunch with basically zero shutter count), the 200-600 and one of these:


Never used it, no experience, but I wonder if it could address your issue as well as get you out over a grand less than you're currently thinking. Then in a couple years as the A1 comes down you can trade up...

The a9 + 200-600 weigh 6 lbs. I don’t think the harness can hold them, and even if it can, they won’t balance well. The center of the gravity is somewhere along the lens collar, not the camera.

Interesting contraption (thanks Pete!) but also think weight distribution might be an issue. Regardless, I cannot wear heavy backpacks or have a camera strap pressing down on the right side between neck and shoulder blade if there is a lot of weight as it can aggravate the pinched nerve. Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of osteoarthritis...but overall, consider myself very lucky/blessed. I'd love to be able to use the 200-600 (it's the obvious route to go) but luckily I've had other options the past couple of years. Just trying to further optimize the # of keepers if using APS-C or FF and have a fallback of the RX10IV, which is pretty darn stellar but has it's own set of issues. Cheers.

Given your severe load bearing constraints, I don't understand why you're looking beyond the RX10IV. It has excellent AF and IQ. Any full-frame solution is likely to be too heavy for the usage that your proposed.

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