A7 III Timelapses - wearing down mechanical shutter

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Re: A7 III Timelapses - wearing down mechanical shutter

indigoshrine wrote:

barnyz wrote:

I use a syrp genie mini 2 to do rotating timelapses and i can use the silent shutter with that. I also have a GVM slider that also allows use of silent shutter. Im not sure what device you are using exactly or why it would force mechanical shutter only. Seems odd so perhaps im misunderstanding. I dont think I have ever used the mechanical shutter on my A7iii for any timelapses as I also would be concerned about quickly wearing down the shutter. I had an NEX3 some years ago that i used alot (not for timelapses) and the mechanical shutter did actually break after a few years of very heavy use so it can happen.

Thanks for the reply.

I am using the Move-Shoot-Move rotator from:


It is even mentioned in the user manual and FAQs that silent mode needs to be deactivated for the device to work.

Regarding the devices you mentioned: I wonder if by 'work', you also mean that the rotation is done based on shutter action? Meaning, after each shot the devices rotates a certain value further. Or, is it completely independent from shot taking and just rotates at a speed that you set regardless of what the shutter is doing? Sorry for the basic question, I am still at the start of timelapses and have no clue what method is standard for these devices. It might be what I use is not really normal.

Since my rotator also has a star tracker mode, I could theoretically also just use the star tracker rotation, in that case no separate connection to the camera is needed and it just rotates independently. But then I am limited to only 2 speeds (half and full) while in the above mentioned case, I have 4 speeds (in degrees between shots) to choose from. On top of it, since rotation is linked to shots taken, by deciding on the interval/number of shots I can indirectly define the rotation speed.

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Both of my devices move the camera and then trigger the camera to take a photo using whatever settings are dialed into the camera by me. The main difference is yours is using the hotshoe so perhaps accessing the camera in a different way to a standard cable release that other devices use for some advanced use that mine don't have. I looked in their user manual and it doesn't explain why you need to turnoff the silent shutter so it's a mystery. You could message them and ask perhaps?

I do alot of timelapses. I do most of them just using the internal intervolmeter with silent shutter on as most of the time it's not necessary to have camera movement as well. So assuming you don't use the msm device 100% of the time then you probably don't need to worry about shutter wear.


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