100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: 100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Maybe the canon r5 + 100-500 coming in at ~2100g would be the best combo for you.

also consider the a7c + 200-600 but it would be 2600g - saving 7 dollar pr gram though.

as a wild alternative, the a6100 w 200-600 at 2500g

otherwise, yes, think a7riv makes the most sense now.

Adapted Canon EF lenses are hit and miss on Sony bodies, particularly with the longer lenses. For BIF you need exceptional AF.
The a9 will be superior to the a7RIV for BIF. Superior AF trumps resolution every time.

I don't think one needs exceptional AF for BIF..it just increases (sometimes dramatically) the number of keepers in a shooting session.

Huh!?!? When AF initial acquisition is erratic and slow, as with many adapted lenses and even some native lens/body combinations, you MISS valuable shots. If a bird is flying directly at you and the AF is missing fine focus on two our of three shots, you probably can't get the wing position that you want.

Also relevant is the frequency with which a BIF opportunity occurs (better if % keepers is low).

Is this a post from "The Onion?" Where did I wander into?

Overall, I think reach and resolution are more important than AF (not that AF is not important) though obviously it's a very subjective thing. AN inability to acquire AF is a non-starter but there are MANY examples of great BIF with so-so AF cameras

You can have all the "reach" in the world, but an OOF shot can't be rescued. IQ trumps reach every time and the key to IQ is focus, more than anything else.
Yes, I took some great BIF images with my Canon 7D and an EF 500/f4 I, BUT the keeper rate was down near 50%. I thought it was my fault for a while, until I started using better bodies. BTW, the resolution of the 7D was up there with an a7RIII. The 7D II resolution matches the a1!
You can get incredible shots with a Canon Rebel and a good lens, but, if you're shooting BIF as a significant part of your photography, you're not going to want to deal with a double digit AF fail rate. Almost anyone that's tried it will think it's silly to suggest that AF doesn't matter for BIF.
Flying erratically 3 to 10-feet off the ground, in a light snow, after sundown, at ISO 8000:

AF doesn't matter?? You get more opportunities when AF is unreliable? Please tell me that I fell prey to an article in "The Onion."

Wow, such a condescending reply. I never said AF was not important and did note that superior AF will result in a higher keeper rate.

I did make clear that IMO, the latest and greatest in AF is not critical for BIF (as many GREAT photographers have nicely demonstrated). Obviously you hate to fail with any OOF shots AND the exact turn of the wing can be very important to you. Good for you.

Condescending? Defensive would be much more accurate.
You act as if your represent all BIF shooters. Maybe "the exact turn of a wing" is not at all important to you and "AF is not critical" for your BIF shots, but I'll bet that if we took a poll of serious BIF photographers here, nine out of ten would disagree with you. You seem to value your BIF shots very little. OTOH, many of us are very serious about BIF, taking thousands of BIF shots each month.

You're here pontificating about something that you have little experience with. Our OP started the thread with, "I'm currently shooting BIF with a Sony RX10 IV ...I'm disappointed in the Fuji AF-C it's not as good the RX10IV bridge zoom (too many slightly OOF shots)." Where has that person gone?

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