Focussing on faces in groups

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Re: Focussing on faces in groups

Jeffry7 wrote:

The-Boogie-Knight wrote:

So having a play around with the AF settings the last few days. Just wondered if it's possible to focus on a certain face/eye, then have that face/eye stay locked on when I recompose. I realise I can set the focus to a much larger area which works, but then you have the problem of selecting from loads of difference faces. I'd like a small point that I aim at the person I want in focus, press my back-button to keep them in focus then recompose as I'd like. Is this possible?

When you recompose, your focus shifts. Maybe by just a little and not enough to fall out of the depth of field, but some.

To do what you want, you need to manually select where the camera should focus in the scene. I think this is best done on a tripod, but apparently some people can do this hand held.

How you do this varies from camera to camera.

Anyway, compose your scene, move the focus point to the spot you want in focus, half press to verify, full press to finish.

If you have a Panasonic s1r look at touch AF.

Yeah at the moment I just move the point which works ok. It would just be much quicker if you could just point at the face you want, hold the focus button and recompose with C-AF staying locked. Have to say I've found the AF much better since the last FW update.

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