100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: 100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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I'm currently shooting BIF with a Sony RX10 IV or a Fuji XT3/100-400. I'm disappointed in the Fuji AF-C it's not as good the RX10IV bridge zoom (too many slightly OOF shots). Also, the Fuji takes a further hit with respect to AF-C performance if I use a 1.4xTE.

I don't think I will like the ergonomics of a Sony APS-C camera paired with a long lens or the camera's EVF resolution. So, am thinking about buying either an A7RIV or an A9. I'm having difficulty making a decision. What's tricky is that I need to rule out the 200-600 due to it's weight (arthritis issues), instead going with the Sony 100-400. I'd like to reach at least 560mm on the long end. I tend to shoot 5-10fps.

I've narrowed down my choices to:

A7RIV/100-400/shoot in crop mode to reach 600mm

A9/100-400/1.4xTE to reach 560mm

Both the A7RIV and A9 should give me a vastly better AF-C experience than the Fuji. I'm leaning towards the A7RIV. I'm not terribly concerned about A7RIV's higher ISO noise (vs the A9) and don't necessarily need very high fps. Also, I might want to take advantage of the use of the full sensor, though at this time really only want the kit as a wildlife camera.

The price for an A7RIV kit is only a couple of hundred dollars more than the A9 kit (A9/100-400/1.4xTE). Does it make sense to go with the A7RIV. In addition to passing on the A6XXX, I also have tentatively excluded the A7RIII as an option due to the upgrades in the A7RIV. Not interested in the A9II or the A1. Again, cannot use the 200-600 due to weight issues.

Is your issue with weight for carrying equipment (on your back) or handling camera plus lens when taking photos?  If the latter, a monopod might solve the problem.  I use both the 100-400 and the 200-600, and for birds and small wildlife they are in different leagues.  If you must stick with the smaller lens, I would I would go with the A7Riv.  F/5.6 on the A7Riv vs. F/8.0 with TC is pretty significant for me.

Thanks for any comments. Some RX10IV and XT3 pics can be found in the link below.

It's hard to tell. I think most likely you would prefer the A7RIV. Nevertheless, I believe the A9 w/tc focuses faster. The A7RIV will be lighter without the TC. Given that you were disappointed with the XT3 + 100-400, which I assume is pretty high performance, it's not guaranteed you will be be happy with the R4. On the other hand, if you do end up disappointed, you could trade up to an a7IV or a7RV whenever that arrives. You will get the tracking AF mode on both. Most of your photos are in fairly good light, which suggests the a7riv will do well.

The OP will be happy with R4 over XT3, and unless a7iv or R5 use stack sensors, most likely, they probably won't be as fast as a9 (w/o the 1.4x), but take it as grain of salt.

I use 200-600, and don't own 100-400, so FWIW: I tend to use a9 APSC in a pinch instead of 1.4x (@ f/9), but I have 600 to work with. I had an used R4, and loved it, but I returned it due to an EVF issue, and I'm still kind of looking for one. You definitely get more keepers from a9 than R4, but I'm not sure with 1.4x @ f/8 will give you the similar hit ratio.

With R4, you still have the 61MP option for the feather details, and it doesn't exclude the 1.4x to extend the FL to 840.

Yea, that A7RIV crop mode plus 1.4x TE to 840 definitely has appeal when long reach is really critical. Such a bummer to be so concerned about weight, as the 200-600 is what I'd buy if it wasn't so heavy.

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