What do you need to grow and improve?

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Atahualpa Regular Member • Posts: 419
What do you need to grow and improve?

Just a very rough overview on the needs of Z system users here on dpr. Think about the pace of your photography. What do you need to maintain or improve it?

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I need more lenses and/or bodies
11.3% 7  votes
I need faster and heavier glass, a "Pro" setup
3.2% 2  votes
I need a more compact setup, it's too much carrying around
8.1% 5  votes
I need more accessories, batteries, storage cards, flashes, wireless triggers, tripod, backpack, etc.
1.6% 1  vote
I need better camera technology, more features, better IQ, less noise, faster AF, better responsiveness, more fps, better ergonomics, ...
6.5% 4  votes
I need better post-processing skills, dodge and burn, color science, editing speed, better software, and/or better computer
4.8% 3  votes
I quite need to meet people to exchange experience with and get new ideas
8.1% 5  votes
I need more and new photo opportunities, models, places, streets, birds, wildlife, etc.
35.5% 22  votes
I need more time overall
16.1% 10  votes
Nothing really, doing good
4.8% 3  votes
I have lost interest in photography, I am just lurking around here out of habit
0.0% 0  votes
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