30 dollar tracking combo for P900, P950, P1000

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30 dollar tracking combo for P900, P950, P1000

The only caveat is you have to already have a Celestron GoTo Mount (which I do, it came with my Nexstar 8SE). And up to 7 minutes of exposure time are possible!


The Celestron #93609 Piggyback Bracket fits their 5-8" diameter NexStar SE telescopes, and is a popular and easy way to get started in astrophotography.

Stunning, remarkably detailed wide field photos can be taken by attaching your SLR camera atop the NexStar telescope, guiding the camera through motion of the telescope itself. But you can, in fact, use any camera with a 1/4"-20 socket; it certainly helps to have a "bulb" setting for the shutter and manual control over the aperture, though.

For shorter exposures of 5-7 minutes, it is acceptable to use the NexStar SE in its normal altazimuth mode. For longer exposures beyond 7 minutes, such as any wide field pictures with nebula or other deep space objects in the image, you'll need to add Celestron's #93655 Wedge to put the NexStar SE in an equatorial mode so that there is no star trails or drifting of the elements in the image.

It certainly helps to have a fast aperture lens for the camera, such as the f/1.2 50mm, 55mm and 85mm lenses available to fit various manufacturer's systems, as this helps drastically shorten the exposure times.

The slotted mounting holes in the base of this piggyback bracket allow it to be installed in predrilled threaded holes on the NexStar SE scopes, and the bracket's unique design allows you to fit your Star Pointer finderscope on top of the piggyback so that you can accurately navigate your telescope and conduct astrophotography simultaneously.

For NexStar SE 5-8" scopesAllows Star Pointer finderscope to simultaneously be mountedFits any camera with a 1/4"-20 threaded socket

from reviews and questions

What is the application of the mount? If I use wide-angle lens the telescope itself is in the view. And it's not sturdy enough for telephoto lens. So what kind of setup can be used with the mount?3 ANSWERSAsked by Arash on Jan 7, 2021Add AnswerI Have This Question Too 0

I have used with a lighter camera with telephoto (Nikon P1000) and worked well.

Answered by Larry on Jan 13, 2021

I see this sits on the back of the telescope. How wide can you go in mm (with say aps-c) before the scope appears in the shot?4 ANSWERSAsked by James on Aug 18, 2017Add AnswerI Have This Question Too 0

This depends on the specific camera and lens. For the 8SE with a Canon EOS DLSR and an 18-135 mm lens the telescope is barely in the FOV at 18 mm. I would say about 20 mm to be safe.

Answered by Robert D. on Sep 18, 2017Was this helpful?1Inaccurate?

I am just starting to use this bracket but with 18mm and above I have no problem with my Canon EOS. Hope this helps...

Answered by Bruce D. on Sep 18, 2017Was this helpful?1Inaccurate?

I put a Nikon D5100 on it with a Tokina 11-16 lens and didn't see the telescope. With a Sigma 18-250, the telescope appeared at about 24mm.For the eclipse in August, I mounted a Sony RX10M3 on the bracket and had no problems. I had to use a plastic shim to tweak the camera orientation so it would be the same as the telescope.

Answered by Drew M. on Sep 30, 2017Was this helpful?0Inaccurate?

I have a P900 so no issue here. Good question though!

Answered by Mario L. on Sep 18, 2017

hmm I wonder if that response was from our forum's Mario?

Better than expected

ByGlenny the PoeVerified Buyer

Using this on my Celestron Evolution 8. When I first saw this, I thought would be metal, but in reading reviews learned it is plastic. Even so, it is more substantial and sturdy than I expected and is working very well with my Nikon Coolpix P900. Price at B&H was much less than elsewhere.

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