Z 200-600mm Price ? Weight ?

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Re: Similar to Sony’s 200-600mm spec (I hope)

Already mirrorless cameras can autofocus at f stops that most DSLRs couldn’t (f11, f13 etc). Mirrorless also auto focuses with teleconverters as a result. Look at what Canon has released in terms of telephoto offerings, their 100-500mm lens is an ‘L’ lens at f7.1 @500mm and those affordable f11 600mm and 800mm lenses are another example. In fact, an Australian wildlife photographer had tested an 800mm 5.6 lens on the R6 and it had trouble autofocusing in some scenarios because of the ‘thin’ DOF. Quite the opposite problem.
Now with regards to the Nikkor Z 200-600mm, I would be much more concerned about factors like internal zooming, the zoom ring throw, focus speed (type of motors used) and weather sealing. An fstop of 6.3 at the long end is no problem at all. It will only keep the size relatively compact!
Also, given that this is not an ‘S-Lens’ like the 100-400mm means they will compromise in some areas to keep it relatively affordable. This mirrors Sony’s offerings in the same focal range. The Sony 100-400mm is a G Master lens (and more expensive) while the 200-600mm is just a G lens making it relatively affordable.
Going by the relative sizes of the silhouettes in the Nikon roadmap poster, I am hoping the Nikon 200-600mm will be more similar to (or better than) the Sony 200-600mm in specs and performance, than not.
Weather sealing, internal zoom, zoom ring throw, relatively fast speed and quiet motors are a must for me. If any of these are compromised, I might stick with the F-mount 500mm pf lens for its light weight and give up the flexibility of a zoom.

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