16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

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Re: 16-shot pixel shift shooting -- Unusable gimmic?

Beatsy wrote:

As you can see - definite improvements in sharpness, colour and resolution. In controlled conditions.

This is cool to see!

Could you give me a comparison between the 4 shot and the 16 shot? As the piece in the middle (Is it a register?) may look a bit sharper on the 4 shot? But that might just be the downscaling of the 16-shot which makes it look a bit softer.

I will see if I can try to get my setup a bit more stable. I think the ballhead on the tripod does not allow it to be 100% stable which is why it might become moved. Although I'd assume this would also affect the 4-shot, but maybe the movement is slightly compensated for? (After all its not trying to get a higher resolution, just a more accurate colour and detail representation)

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