A7C, I Dreamed For Four Years About An A6xxx Form Factor FF Camera

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Re: A dream of form over function

TN Args wrote:

IMO the rangefinder format sacrifices function for the love of form, ie the rangefinder look.

Sacrifices are made to the viewfinder optics, back panel function, grip comfort, and back screen size, compared to what could be done with a conventional body of the same weight.

I speak with years of experience of both types of body as my main camera. I think the compromises are inherent to the format.

I shared your dream, but have reverted to putting function first.


IMO, the "sacrifices" are relative.

From OP's gear list, he's coming from the a6x00, so he's probably okay with all the things you listed. Me, if I can get the pictures I want, they are inconveniences; they just don't bother me as much, except maybe the front dial. Is this the deal breaker? Probably not.

A friend of mine put a 600 f/4 with 2xTC on the a7c, photographing BIF and Blue Angels - no matter how "compromised" the a7c might be, the photos speak for themselves.

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