*** Challenge 312: Selective Color - RESULTS***

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*** Challenge 312: Selective Color - RESULTS***

Apologies for the delay. I'm more or less fine, but adapting to my first child is a bit of an experience. Some of you can perhaps relate, what little free time remains often ends up in exhaustion, and I wasn't able to spend time on the forum as I wished.

Thanks for the patience! Since there were few entries, I'll provide my humble thoughts on my favorite photo from each entrant, and then will present the winner at the end.

As mentioned, selective color to me brings out more artistic qualities and interpretations, so these thoughts are very subjective. Thanks to all the entrants for trying something new! Constraints bring out creativity and I thoroughly enjoyed the entrants.

And without any further delay....

In The Light - Jocksa

I'm sure this is a very strong image in black and white, or color, but the selective color brings something else to this image. The light ray and B&W stem and leaves recall to me a 60's nightclub singer from an old image or video, but the color brings it to life and puts me in the scene. The contrast is brilliant.

Grafitti - Brev00

If this was a pure B&W image, my eyes would be drawn to the arch pattern and the grafitti might give the image some context, but the selective color here reminds me of an animation cell. The way it's done actually brings these characters to life and draws me to them instead of the archways. It is they who exist here among the arches and river(?) to do what they do. The fact that one of them is Hamburger Helper makes me chuckle.

Winter Walk - Iain G Foulds

You can always count on Iain to bring his personal style to a challenge. While the other image have high contrast, I appreciate the soft touches here. In this example, it could be an "ordinary day" image, but the red jacket person immediately becomes the subject here. Who are they, and where are they walking? I can imagine a series of street photography using the same style that would be a great story.

Entry 3 - Christanne

This is the cleanest and sharpest of the three images (I know PSE has limitations). I like the strong color, textures, and contrasting background. I don't know if it was intentional, but the imperfect stack of the bowls make this feel personal. There's perhaps two people here (one coffee drinker?), and there's more to the story of these objects. They must also like blue!

The Jacobite - Kaugi

Your title made me look this train up. I love trains and this is a picturesque image. I appreciate the selective color application here, but I'm not sure if it makes the image better. My eye is drawn to the carriages instead of the locomotive. Good composition though - Either color or B&W would seem very well balanced.

Rosetta Spoonbill launch- wjmjr

An action image with a great subject! The image would be strong, but I think it missed focus and it's slightly underexposed. Bonus points and thanks for taking it during the challenge period.

And the winner is...... In the Light by Jocksa. A great example. I was inspired by your image and I'm sure others were as well. Thanks for leading out. The next challenge is to you.

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