Help me decide between these monitors

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Help me decide between these monitors

I need to get a new monitor and would like some opinions on my options. They´re not my optimal options, but what´s available where I am and for my budget right now. Any thing nicer gets it´s price heaviliy inflated (almost doubled) because of shipping, customs, duties, etc., to the point where a R/T plane ticket to the US where I could buy cheaper and visit family would cost about the same.

The usual concerns for an editing monitor exist, but sRGB should be fine because it will only be for editing for online use, not printing. Also won´t be doing anything where I´m zooming in very close to edit the tiniest of details, editing skin tones, or where more exacting, aRGB would be necessary. Zero gaming.

I read up on all of these, but am looking for opinions from photographers instead of just monitor nerds who conduct tests I´ll never fully understand and potentially faked Amazon reviews (I get the irony of asking on dpr) or ones with an agenda. Also, planning on getting something a bit nicer on next return to US, but at that time this current purchase will be put to use elsewhere so want to get the best possible from these limited options.

Here´s what´s available/what I´m looking at in my corner of the world:

Asus ProArt PA278QV         27"         2560x1440    $400

Asus ProArt PA248QV         24"         1920x1200    $260

BenQ BL2420PT                   23.8"     2560x1440     $380

Dell Ultrasharp U2415B      24"        1920x1200     $275

Dell Ultrasharp U2419H     24"         1920x1200     $315

Most important is overall quality, color accuracy, and probably resolution. Not having used a 27 with that extra resolution I´m unsure if I´ll notice or won´t be able to tell between a 24 with lower resolution.

Is the extra $140 worth it on the Asus for the extra 3 inches and higher resolution when compared to the Asus (or others) 24? Is the BenQ model too old (can´t find PD2500Q here), or at that price point am I better off spending the extra $20 for the Asus 27? Could it be a sweet spot between it´s slightly smaller size but higher resolution compared to the other 24" options - will spending the extra over the other 24" options make enough of a difference to justify the added cost? Using an LG now and have no experience with these brands, but are they all pretty much equals in that tier of companies and quality of monitor level I´m looking at?

Just to make things a little more interesting, I just discovered a place that imports second hand monitors from the US. Looks like they get them in bulk, so I´m guessing from corporate use. Says they have an Ezio EV2450, and NECs; listed "Grade A," probably for around $120. Good monitor that might just need calibrating, or is that just too risky and likely buying someone elses troubles?

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