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Re: CONSTRUCTION PHOTOGRAPHY - Beginners Advice Needed

James C. Whiteside III wrote:

I work at an Engineering company and we have started doing drone photography of our ongoing projects for social media purposes. I have always been a photo-bug, so the drone stuff has kept me very interested over the last year.

Our company has 1 certified drone pilot but is looking to get others certified. I have always been interested in getting a drone for travel and outdoor photos. The company uses two Parrot Anafi drones, but that's a little out of my price range (for personal use).

Start off I was hoping to find a decent useable drone for personal photography purposes in the $200-300. But most of the reviews I saw recommend I at least go up to a Mavic Mini 2 (but that puts me in the $600 with extra batteries).

Am I overlooking a good starter drone for social media resolution? Right now I am mainly interested in photos, but videos may be an interest once I get going.

Again this is for personal use. Considering I am still happy with my two 6mp DLSR's that are almost 15+ years old, I plan on keeping whatever I buy for many years. I am not a name-brand junkie and would be happy to hear if there are any other options I should be considering.

Buy a used DJI Mini.  You can get them for under $300 if you shop around.

Or you can get a DJI Spark.

For a little more ($400) you can probably find a Parrot Anafi.   The Parrot BeBop 2 is in your price range but it is too limited and has very inconsistent Wi-Fi connection.

But personally, I would get the DJI Mini 2.  It is a very good drone, with very consistent connection.  And it is very quiet.  Lacks some fun features like "follow me", but it produces good quality video and stills.

The issue with inexpensive drones is reliable connection, and when your drone is flying high you don't want to lose it or have it wander away.  Drones that use Wi-Fi for connection suffer from serious interference issues.  My Anafi got confused one day and just headed off on it's own.  I chased after it until I got it back under control, but if it had gone another direction it would have gone over water or a highway and that would likely have been the last of it.

The reason I use the Anafi anyway is the vertical tilt up of the camera.  The only other option I have for that is to get a bigger drone and piggy back a GoPro pointing up.

At any rate, cheaper drones have cheaper cameras, don't have removable storage, don't have long battery life, don't have reliable communications, don't have ...

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