How to get Nikon Z Body on Nikon PB4 bellows without the extension ?

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How to get Nikon Z Body on Nikon PB4 bellows without the extension ?

Yes there is the FTZ adapter to mount Nikkor F lenses to a Z6 or Z7 body. Works well and that is what everybody wants.


Now not for everybody but perhaps it makes sense for my case (not really certain myself) to mount a Nikon Z body to a Nikon PB4 bellows (or similar bellows). Yes again, I could use the FTZ in between.

However, I would like to use the bellows not only for close range macro near 1:1 but to be a bit more flexible to focus conveniently a bit further away with say a 50mm or 100mm lens. No big problem if I shorten the distance between lens and sensor.

Since there is a bit more space between an F mount Nikkor and the Z sensor than in the case of a Nikon DSLR that would be possible if I omit the long FTZ and replace it with any adapter that is shorter than the FTZ. Yes I know I will not be able to focus to infinity but a range from 1:1 to say 50 cm to 100 cm distance would be great. So with just one movement of the bellows I could focus one small plant and go to 1:1 macro of a flower detail just to give an example.

I do not need electrical contacts and use pure manual operation of the lens. (In my current setup with PB4, FTZ, and e.g. Micro Nikkor 55mm AIS F 3.5 that is also the case).

Now all adapters I find of course got the extension to bridge the focus distance from F to Z.

If I could find a combination of two adapters like Techart Sony mirrorless lens to Nikom Z body plus an adapter like Nikon F lens to Sony mirrorless it might be possible. Unfortunately all I can find are fancy adapters fully AF and expensive.

Long story short: Any purely mechanical combo of "short" adapters Z to F at not too high cost.

Any idea?

Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7
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