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lokatz wrote:

Al Giordano wrote:

When you say "missing shots", what does that mean? is it poor focus, movement, blurring or you just are not quick enough to focus?

Birding technique is very different with a D500 than it is with a D8xx series high megapixel camera. A tripod or monopod with a D8xx is a MUST along with high shutter speeds.

Al, With all due respect, I also have to disagree here. I've owned a D500 and a D850 in parallel and found little difference in the way I shoot. Almost all my D850 shooting is free-hand. Sold the D500 since the D850 in my view is close enough in AF performance and superior in everything else. (I don't care about the fps difference.)

To the OP: you're not going to be happy with the Z6, for two reasons: not enough pixels (you will be cropping a lot with smaller birds), and AF performance that is just not close enough. I have a Z7 II (which solves the 'not enough pixels' issue) and a D850, but my 500 PF lens remains glued to the D850.

One more suggestion: get a DK-17 M magnifier for that D850. It is a fairly inexpensive way to enlarge the viewfinder image, where the birds are generally smaller on a full-frame body like the D850 than on the D500 with a 500mm lens. The magnifier makes it a little easier to stay on your target when shooting BIF, for example.

DK-17 M? I wish. That thing hasn't been available for quite some time along with a bunch of other Nikon accessories.

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