Tell me about these P800-1000 cameras

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Tell me about these P800-1000 cameras

This is actually something I'm looking into for my GF. I'm currently looking into a $5-7K DSLR (maybe mirrorless ?) setup for myself, with completely different goals in mind.

But I swear if you handed that kind of setup to my GF, she'd say, it's too big and heavy, too complicated, etc, etc. And hand it right back.

So this morning, we were looking at a FB page, where a lady had just been to the same place we had been, and posted a bunch of shots of Bald Eagles, that were certainly WAY closer than mine, and quite honestly better, than the shots I took with my FF DSLR and a 400mm prime lens.

First thing I asked her was, does she say what kind of gear she was using ? My GF says, yes, she was using a Nikon P850... I was like wait, I think that's a darn point and shoot ?!?! Well sure enough, a 2000 mm point and shoot !

Okay, I can only dream of even shooting at 1600 mm... With an 800 mm prime, and a 2.0 X's teleconverter. Of course I like to shoot BIF.... And low light landscapes, and trying to make huge, clean aluminum prints.

For my GF on the other hand, I'm thinking a P800-1000 might be perfect ! I just bought her a laptop too, so she can finally run an actual photoshop program and have somewhere to view, and store her photos.

What can you tell me about these cameras ? How hard is it to stabilize a camera shooting at 2000-3000 mm ? We do a few car tours where, you have to shoot from the car anyway. Maybe a window mount would work well ?

Never even looked to see if we could rent a P800-1000 to try it ? We do have a couple really nice camera gear rental places nearby...

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