Best Camera (free) apps for teaching photography

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Re: Best Camera (free) apps for teaching photography

KudzuLite wrote:

It may not be an app, nor which phone to best teach a photo class with. I would rely on other aspects of photographic seeing instead of trying to deal with a huge variety of equipment and apps.

The old school way back was to teach about f/stops and shutter speeds and film developing in a beginning class. These days with phone cameras all that became unimportant. I would teach about how to use the positioning of the camera, the framing, the timing of the shot, etc. for pictures that are better than they were getting before. A few example assignments might be:

A self portrait that is more than just a selfie: how far to place the camera, what background, what angle? All in addition to facial expressions. Emphasize who the picture is made for: a pretty one for family, a powerful one for your friends, etc.

Another one might emphasize framing: how by framing you can eliminate the surroundings or link separate unrelated subjects together.

One might be on timing: find a good window where many people pass by, and wait for just the right time to catch the "decisive moment".

Shoot the same subject from 3 different distances, 3 different angles, and again in 3 different lighting conditions. Consider each and talk about the differences.

Try putting 2 pictures next to each other so the result is much more than the sum total of them.

I know, some of these may be more than you could do with the age group you'd be dealing with, but my point is to teach photographic seeing and not rely on equipment nor apps. Especially stay away from apps that provide effects! Use the very basic apps to darken or lighten or crop!

Good luck, hope this helps!


Great advice, Sam.  Some brilliant ideas here and I will definitely use these!



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